Days of Awe/High Holy Days Appeal

We live in a very challenging time for our Jewish community.  Anti-Semitism is prevalent and is fueled by unrest due to unfavorable economic opportunity offered to a large segment of the population.  Unrest is rising and we must be aware and vigilant.  We must act proactively to show unity within our community and strengthen our own institution.

Being a son of Holocaust Survivors, I am appalled to witness history repeat itself with the rise of hate groups blaming others and trying to divide this county. We Jews are truly a small minority and an easy target for these hate groups.  When I moved to La Mirada I felt isolated as a Jew until I joined Temple Beth Ohr (TBO).  I joined the Temple in 1987.  Rabbi Goldmark officiated at the wedding ceremony for Karen and I.  Our children were educated and became Bar/Bat Mitzvah as well as confirmed at TBO.  TBO also gives us a connection to the global Jewish community through the Union of Reform Judaism (URJ).  The URJ is one of the largest Jewish organization in the world and gives our youth the opportunity to connect with NFTY, attend L’taken Seminars in our Nation’s Capital, represents us in Washington DC and in Israel. My membership and support of TBO not only provides me with connections to a Jewish community here, in my backyard, but also with Jews throughout this nation and the world through the work of the URJ! TBO’s membership in the URJ is one of our budgetary items and allows us to participate in URJ events as well as help support the great work the Reform Movement is doing here and abroad. 

We continue to operate TBO with a very conservative budget and work hard to control our costs and properly manage the finances of our congregation. However, membership dues do not pay for all the expenses which includes compensation to our clergy, teachers, clerical, maintenance, and recurring expenses such as utilities, building up keep, and our membership in the URJ.  To raise more funds to sustain our existence we have various fund raisers coordinated by the Ways and Means committee and Sisterhood.  High Holiday Appeal is one of our main campaign to raise funds.

Please join me in making a donation to the High Holy Day appeal and help us reach our goal of $30,000 this year. TBO accepts all donations, large and small. We must do our best so that future generations of Jews here in the heart of the southland will have Jewish community with which to connect. Help me keep the lights on for the future generations to come.

Karen and I wish you and your family a happy, healthy, and peaceful year to come in 5778.

L’Shana Tova Tikateivu  לשנה טובה תכתבו

Congregational President
David Yungman

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