Hebrew Lab

Temple Beth Ohr Hebrew Lab:

Putting the “J” in the “oy” of learning Hebrew!

mittyTemple Beth Ohr uses the Union for Reform Judaism’s Mitkadem Hebrew learning curriculum.

Mitkadem: Hebrew for Youth is an innovative, self-paced Hebrew prayer and ritual program designed to empower every child to learn Hebrew. Mitkadem was created with an understanding of the realities of supplementary Jewish education and is part of a comprehensive approach to Hebrew education.

The Mitkadem program introduces letters and vowels, prayers from the worship service, Jewish concepts, basic grammar, and vocabulary in a creative and engaging fashion.

Hanukkah-Happening-2013-pic1Students learn: decoding skills; fluent reading and chanting of prayers; grammar; Hebrew root words, prefixes & suffixes; to explore the theological & philosophical ideology expressed in Jewish liturgy; and develop confidence in the tradition of their ancestors.

In addition to the materials contained in their learning packets, students also benefit from a wide selection of computer programs to assist them in learning Hebrew. These programs are available to our students on our school computers as well as on-line accessibility from their home.